Certified E-Commerce Consultant Project Management E-Business Certified CEC MPM CIPM Certification Certified International Project Manager
The CEC ™ Institute
The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
The Worlds First E-Business Graduate Certification
Certification Requirements
The CEC ™ Certifications are available to those who meet our Accredited Graduate Requirements.
If you simply satisfy and maintain these criteria of ecommerce training, education and experience, you may be certified:
Pre-Qualify: If you already have 2+ years of documented e-business experience and an ebusiness related degree, you may request to waive out of the further exam requirements by sending a "good faith" resume for portfolio review. info@icecc.com Please specify in the application or contact form if you are applying for: CEC, PME, CEA E-Marketing Analyst, CIPM, MQM, CHRA, CPRM, or CSA.
1. If You Have Accredited College Education: All that you need to show is one of the following: that you have completed a concentration, minor, or certificate in e-commerce, (or) e-business or Internet consulting , (or) information systems, (or) show that you have a business degree or other degree with a focus on the Technology or the Internet. Simply send us your resume to our offices for a portfolio review.   [ CONTACT FORM] Professionals, executives, and professors with much work experience, research, or publishing in ecommerce or ebusiness with an accredited degree can petition for certification without further exam. Petition Here
2. Experience Required (2 years of research, study, industry experience)
3. Ethics (As a Certification Holder you should Agree to abide by the CEC code of ethics and Professional Ethics Standards)
4. Continuing Education Annually (Complete 10 hours of education per year in any field related to your designation) This is the equal to one college course per year or a 2 day seminar or conference in ebusiness, teaching a seminar, or publishing an article or paper.
5. Take the Online Course for CEC or PME
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