Certified E-Commerce Consultant Project Management E-Business Certified CEC MPM CIPM Certification Certified International Project Manager
The CEC ™ Institute
The Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
The Worlds First E-Business Graduate Certification

Certified eCommerce Consultant™ - IBS AAPM

IBS International Board of Standards - Global Recognition™

*Certifications are only issued direct from the USA

  • US Deparment of Education Registry
  • US Department of Labor Registry, BLS and Career Voyages - Listed Disclosed
  • University of California Silicon Valley - PM Certification Chapter
  • City University of New York - PM Certification Chapter
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University HKPU - CEC PM Chapter
  • Member of the NBEA National Business Education Association
  • Member of the ISBE International Society of Business Education
  • Member of the ANSI American National Standards Institute
  • Member of the NOCA National Organization for Competency Assurance
  • Professional Alliance - India Management Academy and the India Institute for Financial Management.
  • Recognized by the AABFS Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Services
  • AAPM CEC received Presidential Letter of Positive Estimation from India
  • NASA Recommended Resources
  • PMQ PM Qualifications Authority


As seen in: Forbes News, The Business Wire, Reuters Global News, EuroInvestor News UK, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar News, Digital50 News, Direkt Broker Germany News, Ad Hoc News, Centre Daily News, Earth Times, Yahoo News, University of California News, ArabianBusiness.com NEWS, New York Times (About) Express Computers Business News in India, and more.



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