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The CEC ™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CEC ™ Global Board of Standards ?

Founded in San Francisco, California and New Orleans, Louisiana in 1996, the CEC Board of Standards which is an independent professional regulatory organization that licenses the use of the Designations CERTIFIED E-COMMERCE CONSULTANT™ and CEC™ certification marks and eMarketing Certification CEA, E-Project Certification PME and several other designations. The CEC ™ Board regulates e-Business Professionals through trademark law by certifying individuals who meet its requirements to use the marks. CEC™ was started by University and College Professors and Internet Chief Officers to innovate education for e-Professionals and form a worldwide professional society to assist executives, managers, and professionals. This joint merger between corporate America and Prominent Universities has brought the CEC to the forefront of e-commerce manager and executive certification.

Board Mission Statement:

The mission of the Certified E-Commerce Consultant Board of Standards, a professional regulatory organization, is to benefit the public by fostering professional education, certifications, standards, and global standards in the management world.

What is CEC?

CEC™ = Certified E-Commerce Consultant™ which is a trademarked professional designation and certification. CEC™ was the FIRST eBusiness Credential offered specific to Project Managers and upper management. CEC and its proprietary certifications quickly became the industry standard for College Grads who needed management related certifications. As with any industry or product, the industry needed a way to validate the credentials and performance of related job candidates. CEC accomplishes this candidate validation and much, much more. Our typical college graduate candidates are instructed and tested in many areas such as: E-Business, Project Management, e-Marketing, legal/ethics, fundamental management, marketing management, strategy, and technical literacy skills.

Q: What is E-commerce certification?

A: Our Certifications confirm that the academic and accredited industry standard has been met by the applicant. Certification is the validation of a portfolio of professional skills experience and education. These skills are obtained through traditional college or graduate courses that generally include exams. If you and pass them successfully, then, you may become eligible for certification from the ICECC

Q: What does CEC™ have to offer?

A: The (CEC) programs develop and validates the industries' premiere set of E-Business skills for companies and individuals in the areas of project management, ebusiness, marketing, quality, human resources, and more..

Q: What qualifies the Board of Standards to offer certification?

A: For over a Decade, the CEC ™ has been the leader in E-Business Management Certification.   The CEC  ™ certification program is recognized and endorsed or has an alliance by top professional associations and faculty in the field. CEC has faculty from some of the top e-business and management programs in the world. The Advisory Board is composed of over 50 doctorate level professionals and industry experts globally. CEC certifications are the oldest management post-nominal credentials in the ebusiness world.

Further, CEC™  is the only certification that requires accredited university course work from Internationally Accredited institutions and colleges. CEC™  is working with 100+ Colleges worldwide to bring education standards for IT, Project Management and e-commerce certification to a higher level.

Q: Is E-Business, E-Marketing and E-Project Management, and E-Quality certification for me?

A: Yes, because recognition, resume building, training and experience lead to better jobs and better on-the-job performance. Yes, because I want to be a member of a group that is recognized for e-commerce and e-business management education and certification Yes, because now I have a means to adapt to the constant changes of E-commerce technology. Yes, because I am up to the challenge of learning E-commerce Business Management Skills instead of just learning about vendor & proprietary IT products.

Q: How do I become Certified?

Simply complete approved courses with a government recognized university in the field RELATED to the CERTIFICATION that you SEEK. We encourage a focus on e-marketing, e-management, e-legal and ethics, global e-commerce, and e-strategy. Many of you need only to finish your accredited college or university concentration in e-commerce, e-Marketing, Project Management, management, or e-business. Then , Register, Pay your certification registration and review fee, then send your Resume for our Board Review and Approval.

Q: If I successfully complete e-commerce courses and apply for board review, and meet the requirements, then what?

Then, you become eligible to register and become a full FELLOW and member, CERTIFICATION licensee, certified, and we mail you an "international diplome style" certification document and certificate. You would then have full benefits from having The CEC™ e-business and e-commerce designation.

Q: Who must take classes?

Everyone who wants Certification must have: Applied, Enrolled and completed exams and courseswork with an accredited program.   For CEC, take courses in: e-business, e-marketing, project management, or e-commerce concentration or a  minor or major or degree or take courses from an endorsed e-learning center. However, if you have over 4+ years of documented practical experience and research in the field of e-commerce and e-business, you may apply for a special waiver.

If you successfully complete our approved courses with a recognized university, you are guaranteed acceptance into the ICECC and Granted the CEC™, CEA™, PME ™, MPM™, CIPM™ or CSA™ Certification upon meeting all of the professional registration requirements.

Q: What is a concentration at a college or university?

This is at least 4 classes in related studies that are applicable to the Certification that you seek. Some education centers call it a certificate program.

Q: How will CEC improve my image, salary, and resume?

Most of our members use the CEC™ after their name on a business card or brochure. Thus, customers and partners instantly know that you have a certification.

Some members put the CEC™, CEA™, PME ™, MPM™, CIPM™ or CSA™ Certification after their name on their resume when they interview. Thus, the hiring company sees that you have graduate education. Some members put CEC on their web-resume with a hyperlink to the CEC website.

Further, many of our members use our logo on their professional web sites! and especially on their resumes and CVs because of digital job seeking and headhunters.

Most companies have a policy on continued learning, skills enhancement, hope scholarship issues, lifetime learning credit policy and more. Most companies are required to observe additions to your resume, new qualifications, skills and portfolio of distinctions.

Q: What is the ICECC Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants™?

We are a professional and independent board of standards. The medical, legal, and financial fields all of independent boards of standards that have membership and board certification.

We are not a college or university. We are a Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for Certifications with members  from around the world that advocate high standards in the field of e-commerce and e-business consulting and management. We assist in the careers of our members and set ethical, continuing education, and self-regulation guidelines for our profession.

Are there any other certifications like us?

We are the first and only global e-commerce certification and professional society devoted to high standards of accreditation, business and executive management capacities. Universities do not traditionally offer certification; however, we grant the CEC to our online graduates and graduates of top e-commerce college programs of which we have alliances. States do not regulate our e-commerce profession. Thus, we are at the top of our field in this area. We are the strongest and only global board of standards for managers, executives, and administrators. However, we encourage all to attain a traditional education at an accredited college or university because we fully accept and respect the training and competency testing at accredited institutions.

Q: How do I get certified?

A: There are four steps to become CEC™ certified.

Step 1: Submit qualifying evidence & Register for Certification Review and pay for certification. (You are not charged unless qualified)

Step 2: Submit that you have Completed the Certification Requirements (email & send us a good faith resume  of your experience or list of classes that you have taken and tests that you have successfully completed for review).  All documentation is send and received under the DSA Digital Signature Act and applicants are submitting legal evidence of their qualifications.

Step 3: If you do not have the college credits or enough experience then simply Finish all online education requirements.

Step 4: Receive Certification after Board Review Approval

How do I sign up for the Certification course?

When do I receive my charter & certification documents?

Four to eight weeks after acceptance of your application and passing all the courses required for the CEC™, you will receive your certificate of completion